Red Cedar Chips

Red Cedar Chips

Cedar chips have a familiar and distinctive fresh scent. Insects such as ants and termites do not like this scent, and they may avoid areas containing cedar chips. Cedar chips are often used in perennial flower beds to protect plants during winter. Chips keep the ground warm and protect against frost heaves that may destroy plant roots. 

Cedar chips are heavy and dense, mostly used for large plants, trees and bushes.  They can be spread in thick layers to prevent weed growth. (For this same reason, chips should not be used on newly planted seed beds.) 

When you apply chips or mulch around a tree, it is good practice to keep a buffer zone of 3-6 inches from the tree trunk free of materials. Spreading the product outward from this buffer area will still create a visually
aesthetic area while protecting the tree's health. Over time contact with the tree trunk can cause the tree bark to rot, especially if kept wet by either rains or watering. 

By using these few precautions, you will find that cedar chips are a superior ground cover for reducing weeds, protecting and adding needed nutrients to the soil, and giving your landscape a beautiful and fragrent appeal! 

Size 2 cubic feet
65 Bags Per Pallet