Cypress Mulch

Cypress Mulch

Cypress mulch has a unique, pleasant smell when fresh. It weathers to a soft gray color, a property that is often considered a valuable attribute, giving your landscape a finished, sustained look. Cypress mulch tends to stay in place, not blow or wash away over time. Cypress mulch particles will carpet the soil and shade it, preventing the germination of weeds and growth of undesirable plants in the landscape bed.

Under a 2 to 3 inch layer of cypress mulch, the soil's temperatures are kept more uniform. The shading of the soil in summer prevents the top inches of topsoil from heating up in sunshine, dissuading evaporation or water uptake needs by the plant roots. In the winter months, the mulch insulates the soil from colder air temperatures and can block the warmth of the soil from radiating out to the air.

Cypress mulch, like other organic mulches, degrades naturally over time, adding both humus material and trace nutrients to the topsoil. The addition of humus from decayed cypress mulch improves the texture and consistency of the soil as well as help retain moisture in sandy soil and improve water drainage in clay soil.

The fine-texture of cypress mulch creates a uniform top dressing across a landscape. With the suppression of weeds, mulch is viewed as a ground cover among plants and visually unifies a landscape making it look well-kept and professionally presented.

2 cubic foot bags - 80 per pallet
3 cubic foot bags - 55 per pallet