Red Cedar Bales

Red Cedar Bales

These bales are compressed to a managable size of 3.5 or 5.5 cubic yards of our best, most aeromatic Western Red Cedar! We use only cedar by-products from mills; no trees are cut down for the sole purpose of creating mulch.

  • 100% natural product of the USA!
  • Decay & rot resistant
  • Aromatic and durable
  • Easy to handle - easy to store - retail freindly!  Premeasured for your customer or your job!

WRC Bales are screened & shredded for a uniform size of less than 3" in length.

3.5 cy bales come 2 per pallet = 7 cy total product
5.5 cy bales come 1 per pallet = 5.5 cy total product